Thursday, April 19, 2007

Haven't Had a Dream in a Long Time

Don't you hate it when your friend says, "Hey, I have a blog and you must read it and I will post all the time and you must read it" and then you go to the blog every day but she hasn't posted anything new in days?

Yeah? Tough. Get off my back. I'm having a very Morrissey-esque week. I'm going to visit my family of origin this weekend. A visit that is sure to provide some blog fodder. So check back next week.


Blobby said...

Do you remember CD101's little quiz: 'What Would Morrissey Do'

Well...the answer was alwasy C: write a song about how lonely and depressed he is

I heart Morrissey

Kris said...

I had totally forgotten about that--thanks for reminding me. I heart him too!