Thursday, September 13, 2007

It’s taken 3 visits to 2 different doctors in 2 days but we finally have a diagnosis—ear infection. The first doc said Lauren probably just had a virus and sent us home. Luckily the second doc caught it and now she’s got some antibiotics. I’m hoping she’s feeling better by this evening. She (and by extension, we) haven’t gotten much sleep the past 3 nights. Her fever’s been as high as 105. It’s heartbreaking to see her suffer.

Thanks for your rallying cries of “no guilt!” I guess now I feel not so much guilt as I just wish I could be with her. I know she’s fabulously well cared for by Grandma, despite her (Grandma’s, not Lauren’s) hysterics (and it’s not just me saying that; she told Bret today she’s been a “basket case” over Lauren being sick). I just want to be the one cuddling her (Lauren, not Grandma) when she’s not feeling well.

And this is just the first of 18 years of illnesses…

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Tela said...

Ahhh... the almighty ear infection. I know thee well.

I hope Lauren starts feeling better, and the whole house starts getting some more sleep, soon.

I've often known O was sick with an ear infection before it actually showed up. I'd take him to the dr., expecting to hear "He's got an ear infection." only to be told otherwise. Two days later we'd be back at the dr.'s, and sure enough, he's got an infection.

Also, the first doctor could have been right. Since ear infections are caused by viruses, she might have just had that, then it went into ear infection territory.

I know way too much about ear infections.