Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mom Days Off

I am incredibly fortunate to get 4 weeks of vacation -- it's a big reason why I took my current job. As I tell everyone, 4 weeks of vacation is like pure gold to a working mom, and I would scrub this entire facility with my own toothbrush for that kind of time off.

I have yet to take more than 2 days off in a row, however. When you're a working mom, days off are for things like getting your teeth and carpets cleaned (both of which I'll be doing tomorrow). It's the only way stuff like that gets done. One day last summer I scheduled 4 doctor appointments for one day. So much easier than trying to take a couple of hours off here and there and make up the time at work.

For any kind of house project larger than, say, running the vacuum, I have to take a day off work. There's no way I can paint or work on the landscaping or organize a room in the evenings (I wouldn't get to it until after Lauren goes to bed, and I have zero energy by then anyway) or on the weekend (only have enough time to do the basics, like buy groceries and do laundry).

I am hoping to take a full week off sometime next year for the three of us to take a little trip. But for now, I will be grateful that I am still getting paid on those days I'm home shredding bills or cleaning out my car or running errands or having my doctor tell me to eat skinless chicken and walk more often. Plenty of moms aren't so lucky.

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McLipp said...

4 weeks of vaca, nothing like it is there? We have a good bit at my office too and boy I can't wait to use it up! I miss the baby being at work... if they'll pay me to stay home and snuggle the little lady I'll take it and enjoy every second!