Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nothing to See Here

Okay, kids, I need to post something that's NOT about adoption, because I've just been reading all this stuff out there about the term "birth mother" vs. "first mother" and I feel a little...unsettled, and don't even want to get into that. (And I am beginning to doubt that I am cut out for writing about adoption at all, given all the controversy even within the "adoption community." Which is kind of a bummer because I've got a book outlined, and chunks of chapters written, and a really cool title.)

So, what shall we discuss?

Tiger Woods? No. Health care reform? Nope. George Snuffleupagus, uh, Stephanopoulos replacing Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America? (Seriously, he's bringing me down during my precious cereal-eating time. I miss the all-girl team of Robin and Diane.) Okay, I sort of did just talk about that. Glenn Beck (and my mother's apparent swallowing-of-the-FOXNews-Kool-Aid)? Good heavens, no.

Guess it's back to Facebook.

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Steph M. said...

Ha! Again - if I didn't love ya so much, I'd say our similarities were starting to get parents (and a good number of my KC family) all seriously drink the Fox News Kook-Aid, and it really scares me....not to mention that I'm just dwaddling here at work today, feeling utterly uncreative, unmotivated, and only wanting to check FB every 5 minutes! Which is, of course, exactly what i've been doing - and am going to do right now!