Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Remember when you were a kid and summer just dragged on forever? That's how it felt to me at the time (by the end of July I'd be so looking forward to school starting; I know -- big nerd). Now I look back and think how blissfully slow the time went and wishing that were still the case. Waking up in the morning with the windows open (we didn't have air conditioning), deciding what to do for the day while eating a bowl of cereal in front of the TV... I took tennis lessons and played softball and went to camp for two weeks, but the biggest chunk of my time in the summer was totally unscheduled -- and usually spent either on my bike or in my grandparents' pool.  Mostly in the pool.  I only had to be home for dinner at 5:00 and then could go back out again until the street lights came on.

Ah, small town life in the '70s.

Now, summer goes by faster than any other time of the year. During July and part of August we are either out of town or have guests nearly every weekend.  I am off work next week to work on some home improvement projects and that will likely not be enough time to get everything finished that I want to. Before I know it, it'll be football season.

I am doing a better job of enjoying the summer as an adult, now that we have a bigger garden to tend to, and a pool membership, and a three-year-old who loves to be outside. But it still goes by way too fast.

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Tela said...

I agree so, so much. It's flying by. I keep contemplating getting a teaching job so I can spend summers with my son...