Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More than one way to get a new kitchen

Turns out the solution to my obsession (see entry below) is to have the appliances recalled...one at a time.

I opened what turned out to be a love letter from GE yesterday, saying my
dishwasher had been recalled. They'll come out and fix it for free, or give me $150 toward a new one (or $300 for one of their fancy-pants models). I've never been so happy to find out that one of my appliances might catch on fire.

I ran to Lowe's at lunch today to check out the GE dishwashers. They only had two. I couldn't even open the door on one of them because a display sign was in front of it, bolted to the floor (kinda discourages one from purchasing that particular model). The other was nothing exciting.

What was exciting were the $998 Bosch dishwashers (mmm...stainless steel interior...). Costs more than my first two cars combined.

Now if I would just get a letter saying that my cabinets are about to explode...


Blobby said...

Bosch are nice, but they are all teeny weeny inside....I think.

I'm very happy w/our stainless (inside and out) Kitchen Aid.

Keli said...

I'd always had inexpensive dishwashers, believing they were just as good as the pricier designer brands. It's not true. I finally broke down and bought a Bosch - Did you hear that? It was the sound of 100 voices singing a high note in unison. I love my Bosch! It's so quiet that I stand with my cheek pressed to it when I call my mom just to show off, and my dishes sparkle and shine once done. My Bosch has plenty of room with the option of cleaning top rack only. It's the ultimate! I bought it from Sears with every rebate and discount they could muster. It was worth it!