Friday, February 22, 2008

Snoring Husband, Waking Toddler

And therefore, sleepy me. The thing I’m discovering about kids is, just when you think something is over (night-waking), it ain’t. We had a good run of at least a month where we’d put Lauren to bed at 8:00 and not hear from her again until 6:00. Now she’s fighting going to sleep in the first place, and waking up two or four times throughout the night. It’s still better than her infancy, but after a couple of weeks of being woken (waked? I don’t know grammar.) up throughout the night (and then she wants up for good at, oh, 4:50 or so), it starts to wear on my 39-year-old body. Everyone has a theory – teething (she’s only got 7 teeth, so we’ve got a long way to go there), a growth spurt (she’s eating like crazy these days), a developmental phase (huh?). I dunno. I just needs me some sleep. She's starting back to swimming lessons tomorrow; maybe that will wear her out so she'll sleep more soundly.