Monday, March 3, 2008

A Different World

On my way to work this morning, I saw two people standing on an overpass with Obama posters, waving at us motorists passing under them on the highway. Nothing strange about that, given that tomorrow is the primary election here in Ohio and the race between Barack and Hillary is pretty close.

What struck me, however, was the big, burly, white truck driver in the lane next to me who honked enthusiastically at the Obama supporters.

Then, a half mile or so down the road, Hillary supporters (all big, burly, white guys) were standing near the highway in front of a union hall, holding their "Hillary for President" signs. Another blue-collar white guy driving his work truck honked and waved at them.

Our country is by no means done with racism and sexism; I know we have a long way to go on both fronts. But seeing white, regular-Joe type guys enthusiastically supporting a bi-racial man and a white woman running for President literally put a smile on my face.