Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buy This Book

I am promoting the release of this book, which comes out today, written by a woman I've never met. But now that I'm on the book-writing path myself, I know how important promotion is, and I want to help out any authors I like and believe in. 'Cause that's what we writer girls do. (and hey, Jen, if you want to pass along my proposal to your agent, that'd be great, too)

Anyway, I've read all of Jen's other books, which are very funny. I love her in-your-faceness, and her willingness to show you who she really is, even the parts most of us might not be willing to share with millions of strangers. I like her rambly, e-mail-like writing style with plenty of parentheticals. We are roughly the same age, so I can relate with her love of all things 80s. And we are roughly the same size, so I can also relate with her last book, Such a Pretty Fat.

I'll be picking this one up for my long weekend at the cabin with my family in June. Jen writes great plane/beach books, but you never feel like you've lost a few IQ points along the way, as I find with most vacation-worthy books. Pick one up today! (how'd I do, Jen?)

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