Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Speaking Tour: Part II

I enjoyed my time at Nexus Church yesterday. I think my talk (about family, adoption and the now-illegal Butler County Children Services policy which discriminated against single, gay and lesbian folks for foster placements) went okay. I didn't feel nervous but obviously I was because my voice was "wavery" and my hands didn’t seem to know where to land. I hate that. Anyway, I really liked meeting the people there and hearing their stories. Such lovely people, and so sad what many of them have had to endure.

I also enjoyed the process of writing the thing. It helped me sort through some random thoughts in my head. It also got me writing regularly, which is a good thing. Have I mentioned on here that I am working on a book proposal? (that doesn't feel as scary/pretentious/implausible as saying "I'm writing a book.") Anyway, I hope to use this momentum to continue working on the proposal.

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Blobby said...

Becky says you have to tell people - in order for you to do it.

It's kind of like me and the gym.

Good for you though - on all fronts.