Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Need a Wife

This is the time of year where it feels like I'm getting on a speeding train that doesn't stop until New Year's Day. Halloween's coming up and although I have already bought Lauren's costume, I still need to get tights or leggings to go under it. We have a family Halloween party to go to in a week and a half and I have nothing. I thought it would be funny to go as this family:

But now I'm questioning if I really want to wear that little of clothing in semi-public. I never wear dresses/skirts and rarely go sleeveless and hoo boy, we've got both going on here. Plus, I'm not about to spend $50 for each of the costumes, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Make something out of old sheets? (and I don't sew)

This time of year also always involves a wardrobe re-vamp for Lauren, since she doesn't fit into anything warm from last year. I feel like the wardrobe manager for a tiny diva, always on the hunt for something new for her, coordinating outfits, buying new shoes, socks, everything. Right now I'm trying to find a hat and mittens, which you would think wouldn't be that tough, but there is nothing out there for a kid her size, it's either baby stuff of big kid stuff.

Speaking of clothes, I need to find something for Lauren to wear for her 3-year pictures next month. And us, too, if we're going to be in some of them. Haven't had a family picture done since she was a baby so should probably do that.

Sounds like my life is all about clothing of one kind or another. I've also got 2 birthday parties to plan, potential visitors to prepare for, and less than 4 weeks to get caught up at work before being out for a week for gall bladder surgery, and possibly 2 weeks of jury duty right after that. Then we'll be past Thanksgiving and the REAL fun will begin.

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