Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes, I'm Jealous

If I read another Facebook status update from a stay-at-home mom which has something to do with:
  • going back to bed after getting the kids on the bus, or
  • taking a nap on a weekday, or
  • reading a book whilst sipping a cup of tea and listening to the rain

I'm going to lose it.


Susan said...

Duly noted.

Kris said...

That post had to do with a few friends with older school-age kids who quite frequently give status updates about how they'll spend their days by themselves -- doing things that sometimes sound very appealing to me while I'm stuck in my office. It was not about anyone who manages to juggle chasing after little kids and pursuing some kind of paying work -- if you can carve out a little me time while doing those things, I think that's great.

Blobby said...

You'd be bored by day 3. admit it!