Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not good with headlines these days

I was hoping to be able to report in about my new dishwasher, the lovely GE PDW7880NSS, which was delivered Saturday morning. Sadly, she had some dents right on the front of her, so we sent her back. Her replacement arrives this Saturday. And no, I didn’t pay MSRP for it – it was $50 cheaper at Home Depot, plus 10% off, plus the $300 refund, plus a delivery refund, plus a $75 gift card, plus the $350 I made freelancing, which I’m considering found money. Gosh, it’s like they’re paying me for the privilege of having her.

Still no luck on the reunion outfit. Why is it that all clothing made for women “of a certain size” takes one of the following approaches to fashion:

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Blobby said...

you should SO get your hair done like Anna-Nicole in that picture for the reunion.