Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Goin' On

  • Dishwasher was delivered and installed. She's beautiful and very quiet and I have yet to load or unload her (since that's not one of my chores), but it seems as if I could get my entire collection of Crate & Barrel dinnerware, circa 1997, in there at one time.
  • Our central air went out sometime last Wednesday and was just restored yesterday. The temps on the six days we were without air were as follows: 100, 102, 100, 93, 88, and 91. We survived, thanks to four fans, one hotel stay (for me and my friend Trina who was visiting for the weekend—a big shout out to her husband for giving us his Marriott rewards points—thanks Jim!), one stay at the in-laws' (for hubby and baby), and eating out most meals over the weekend to take advantage of the AC. We had to replace the whole shebang, to the tune of about half of my kitchen renovation budget. So that little project is on hold for quite some time. But at least it was just 6 days without AC; I know plenty of people suffer through these temps all the time.
  • Just got back from yet another shopping trip and I think I finally found something to wear to the reunion. I bought white linen pants (which I would never have thought would look good but they do) and a chocolate brown top that's a silk blend but not shiny silk, more like crepe, I think it's called. It's got a draped neckline and is in general flattering, even though it’s short-sleeved. I like white and brown together—a very Ralph Lauren, WASPy, party-in-the-Hamptons look. But I also bought a pair of khaki pants in case I decide to go with the white shirt I bought yesterday. That would be the safe choice. I hope I’m brave enough to go with the white and brown outfit because I think it’s more “me.”
  • Got Lauren's 9-month pictures taken this weekend (see above). Isn't she perfect? You need to click the photo to get the full effect.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh -- she's adorable.

"Slim" said...

She is absolutely beautiful...and smart, too, I'm sure! ;-)

I can so totally relate to the A/C expense...I just went through that myself! Now I'm more broke than I have been in years!!!

I vote for the brown-and-white ensemble. Those are fabulous colors for you, and brown *is* the new black!

Blobby said...

White after Labor Day???

I don't care WHAT Patty Hearst says in 'Serial Mom'....it is just not done!

Kris said...

The white was worn 2 days before Labor Day. You may now return to watching Project Runway.