Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fascinating Inner Workings of My Brain

Here are some thoughts I had today:

  • I could quite possibly be the only woman alive who doesn’t give a flip about “New Moon.”
  • Why is my office always so cold?
  • Maybe I’ll open a yoga studio.
  • Are these wounds ever going to stop being itchy?
  • Lauren has yet another cold. She just finished up a second round of antibiotics a week and a half ago. Yea, winter.
  • Why is the orange spray paint from Halloween still in my hair?
  • We’re having pasta for dinner. Again.
  • Is it really time to order a 2010 calendar already?
  • How is it possible that Sarah Palin got a book published?


Blobby said...

You're not 14 - why should you care?

Turn up the thermostat

Open one



ummm...wash it?



Because everyone likes a freak show

Kris said...

No thermostat to be turned up. Have a space heater but it puts off about as much heat as my Blackberry. At least the cold keeps me awake.

Steph M. said...

I think it's safe to say that your blog is what makes it bearable for us not to work 10 feet from each other anymore....this post is my current favorite.