Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am whipped. Need to remember to write in the mornings, not at 4:14 in the afternoon when I'm completely wiped out from work. My boss is going out of town the rest of the week, then I'm out next week, so I've been very busy trying to get some things wrapped up today.

In other news, the orange hair spray paint goo that I used to make my Wilma Flintstone 'do last Friday night is STILL not out of my hair. I have little flecks of the stuff clinging to my hair here and there, despite having shampooed multiple times since then. Hm.

And finally, this makes me happy. It was recorded at the Rose Bowl, not in Chicago where I saw them, but still reminds me of that fantastic event (can't call it just a concert) at Soldier Field.

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