Monday, January 11, 2010

Shoes, Part III, etc.

Updating you on the riveting running shoe post...they didn't fit. Too narrow (imagine my surprise). Guess it's back to buying men's shoes. Which my current sneaks are, and when a friend's daughter was in a restroom stall next to me (and didn't know it was me) said, "Mom! There's a boy over there!"

Nice birthday on Saturday. Took Lauren to swim lessons, got my hair cut and colored (not exactly the Debra Messing-like red I was hoping for but still nice to be at the SAL-on), and out for a fantastic dinner with Bret and Lauren.

Lauren picked out her card for me, the cake, the ice cream and the ribbon on my present. All day she'd look at me and grin and say, "Mommy, it's your birfday!" That made turning 41, which is quite possibly the most un-exciting age to turn, totally worth it.

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Blobby said...

SAL-on. Say it with me.....