Thursday, January 7, 2010


I just ordered a pair of semi-hideous running shoes (don't laugh; I read once that if you are, um, a bit bigger than average, you should wear running shoes for working out because they offer more support than cross trainers or walking shoes).

Anyway, my old ones were pretty broken down, but man, are athletic shoes expensive. Not like back in the day when you could go to Kmart for some $10 trax (were they even that much?).

Also, I have me some big old feet, so can't buy shoes just anywhere. I found a few pairs online and though I liked the way a couple of the others looked, I went with the least expensive pair. Only $48, but maybe a bit flashy.

So why did I buy 'em? Budget, baby. It's time to stop spending like it's 1999. Time to build up some savings, eat at home more often and, yes, buy shoes that might make me look like I'm wearing fat tropical fish on my feet. I'm actually okay with that. I feel good about this budget thing and am ready to make some changes in my life to have more money to spend on things I really want. Like this.

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